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  • Filtration: 5 Microns

Blue Water

Blue Water 9 ¾ inch 5 Micron Filter

For Blue Water brand watermakers, this full size replacement filter will allow you to filter seawater and remove particles and sediment down to 5 microns. This accessory is essential in the...

Blue Water

Blue Water 5 inch Activated Carbon Filter

For your boat watermaker, the carbon filter 5 inch allows you to filter the water from impurities. This filter cartridge also removes chlorine, taste, odors and chemicals found in fresh water. This...

Blue Water

Blue Water CPFE 5 Micron Filter Element

Blue Water Commercial Oil Filter & amp; water to filter particles. Commercial type available in 5 and 20 micron nominal version. Model: 5 Microns. This type of filter cartridge allows you to...