Unitam 400 GPD 60 LPH 12/24V

Unitam 400 GPD 60 LPH 12/24V

Unitam watatermaker 60 LPH 12 or 24V

Simple and rugged watermaker producing 60 liters per hour, working in 12 or 24V

The after-sales service is at your disposal for all requests for technical support, installation or compatibility, just send us your request to info@compagnie-hydrotechnique.com.

In order to allow us to quickly determine the nature of the problem encountered, we recommend that you provide us with as much information as possible about your configuration, namely:

- the type of machine ( Make and model),
- date of purchase and installation,
- the boat,
- possibly other options & accessories.

Indeed, these various elements will allow us to quickly answer your questions. Don't forget to give us your full contact details (address, phone number) so that we can get back to you.