Blue Water Explorer Compact

Blue Water Explorer Compact

Semi-automatic operation Simple controller with LCD display and hour meter High and low pressure safety switches.
6 Models available: 75 L / h, 118 L / h, 150 L / h, 190 L / h, 237 L / h, 290 L / h

Data sheet

Explorer Compact
Explorer Series
Production capacity
75 L/h, 118 L/h, 150 L/h, 190 L/h, 237 L/h, 290 L/h
230 Volts

Available capacities range from 475 GPD to 1,800 GPD (1,800 LPD to 6,810 LPD)
The Blue Water Explorer series of watermakers offers semi-automatic operation in a wide range of capacities to fit the needs of most mid to large-sized yachts. The system is operated by traditional switches and a manual high-pressure valve.

An electronic controller automatically diverts product water to the storage tank and an LCD screen indicates product water salinity and system status. The Explorer series includes a Fresh Water Flush system as standard.

Model Product 1h Product 24h Weight
Explorer 475 75 L 1800 L 160 Kg
Explorer 750 118 L 2840 L 170 Kg
Explorer 950 160 L 3600 L 180 Kg
Explorer 1200 189 L 4540 L 210 Kg
Explorer 1600 237 L 5680 L 210 Kg
Explorer 1850 292 L 6810 L 225 Kg

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