Blue Water 9 ¾ inch 20 Micron Filter

Blue Water 9 ¾ inch 20 Micron Filter

Blue Water 9 ¾ inch filter For filtering particles Standard type 20 microns Nominal. Suitable for Blue Water watermakers

Data sheet

Standard filters
20 Microns
9 ¾ inches

For Blue Water brand watermakers, this full size replacement filter will allow you to filter seawater and remove particles and sediment down to 20 microns.

This accessory is essential in the filtration of seawater for its desalination.

This filter cartridge allows you to have a clean and efficient boat desalination system. It is recommended to have on board your sailboat a stock of anti-sediment cartridges when leaving for a transatlantic or a round-the-world trip. With this cartridge filter, your water desalination device will always be functional.

You will have great comfort on board and true autonomy throughout your boating.

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