Calpeda META Self-Priming Pump

Calpeda META Self-Priming Pump

Self-priming pump with integrated frequency converter

Data sheet

8 bars

Self-priming pump with integrated frequency converter. META is a "plug and play" solution, the pump is equipped with a transmitter, a non-return valve and a pressure reserve.

The automatic frequency variation system controls the starting and stopping of the pump and maintains constant pressure.

liquid temperature: 0 ° C to + 35 ° C.
Ambient temperature up to +40 ° C.
Maximum admissible pressure in the pump body: 8 bars.
Continuous service.
Integrated frequency converter Integrated pressure reserve
High efficiency asynchronous motor
Engine power control
Programmable restart pressure
No hydraulic losses due to measuring devices
Voltage and current control
Monitoring of the current consumed and the maximum number of starts
For washing with a water jet.

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