La solution de désinfection des surfaces quotidiennes pour vérifier facilement votre environnement.

Cabinets médicaux, habitacles de véhicules, fauteuils, comptoirs, caisses, bureaux, claviers et ustensiles... L'UVPUR 95 permet de désinfecter tout type de surfaces en quelques secondes seulement

Data sheet

2,6 kg
230 V AC
560 x 211 x 155 mm

In order to meet the new health challenges brought about by current events, UVRER has developed the UVPUR 95, facilitating the disinfection of small and medium-sized surfaces. It is indeed essential to ensure daily treatment of living and working places to guarantee optimal hygiene. In addition, UV treatment does not require the use of traditional chemicals that are harmful to health in the case of daily exposure.

Indeed, UVc technology is an effective natural physical process without chemicals. This makes it possible not to generate harmful by-products (such as airborne particles). UVPUR 95 is a solution that respects the health of its users.

The UVPUR 95 has been designed to be as easy to handle as possible. Easy to use and lightweight, it destroys all kinds of bacteria, viruses, spores and sterilizes tools and workspaces in seconds. We designed a 90cm long device to reach and disinfect less accessible surfaces.

A functional disinfection solution for many applications: </ strong>
- Medical: examination tables, waiting rooms, medical equipment, hospital beds, furniture and various devices…
- Shops and public places: counters, cash desks, tables, bar, seats, display cases, food, furniture and various products…
- Business premises and equipment: desks, keyboards, tables, seats, office supplies, cardboard boxes, tools, machines…
- Transport: passenger compartment vehicle, seats, semi-trailer…
- And many other applications.

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